Ashanti Admits That She “Made Some Calls” To Try To Get The Man Who Assaulted Her Younger Sister Punished

Despite the fact that October was Domestic Violence Awareness Month, R&B singer Ashanti and her younger sibling Kenashia “Shia” Douglas are sitting down at Jada Pinkett Smith’s red table to discuss Shia’s tragic experience with domestic abuse at the hands of her ex-fiance, Windsor “Slow” Lubin.

A clothing line and entertainment firm with the same name were co-founded by Lubin, also known by the moniker Slowbucks. He dated Shia for 13 years before making their engagement known to the public in 2016 via Instagram. The couple appeared to be devoted to one another and to one another.

But in 2020, Ashanti suddenly revealed in a video on Instagram that her sister had been a victim of abuse. In the video, Ashanti claimed that Slowbucks had repeatedly abused Shia to the point where she was broken-toothed and bruised, and that this had led to Shia miscarrying their unborn child. Shia has shared her story again since going public with it, serving as an advocate for other domestic violence victims.

Shia, Ashanti, and their mother Tina appeared with hosts Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow, and Adrienne Banfield Norris on their Facebook Watch program “Red Table Talk” on Wednesday, Nov. 23, to talk about Shia’s previous relationship. Ashanti talked openly about her feelings of helplessness and her desire to intervene on her own.

Check out the clip below for the full interview.

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