Asian Doll Lashes Out At VladTV Over Reported King Von Criticism, Walks Out Of Interview

Rapper, Asian Doll, had no chill left in her when she gave VladTV a piece of her mind!

Over the years there has been a myriad of opinions shared and discussed on VladTV concerning all things Hip-Hop, pop culture, politics, and so much more, but Asian Doll has made sure to hold onto remarks reportedly given on the VladTV platform about her.

After the murder of rapper, King Von, Asian Da Brat, as she is also known, publicly mourned the loss of the man she loved.

As part of her tribute to him, she also got tattoos and posted often about the times they shared. While some were in support of her through her grieving, others had accusations for the rapper, saying she was actually “doing too much.” Seen in a clip she shared online, Asian Doll is about to begin the interview but instead, she declared her disliking for DJ Vlad.

She further accused him of making jest of her during her time of grief, and for poking fun of her tattoos.  Then she just upped and left.

She had more for him in yet another post: “SUCK MY **** VLAD !!” she wrote in a caption. “Thought it was funny when I was grieving when von died just to ask me can you interview me lol look how the tables turn CLOWN [clown emoji] GOOFY.”

Watch the clip here:

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