Asian Doll Rolls Out A Message For Erica Banks & Baby Tate Regarding Getting A Feature From Nicki Minaj

Asian Doll is making it known to all female emcees and basically whoever it may concern that she is positioned next in line for a Nicki Minaj feature.

A serious conversation has been ongoing amongst top female rappers as to who will be getting on a song with the queen of rap herself, Nicki Minaj. Erica Banks began the conversation, disclosing how Nicki had blocked her on socials regardless of being her biggest fan. In like manner, Baby Tate also got on Twitter to reveal rather bitterly that Nicki had allegedly paid no mind to all her requests for a feature even when she’s always been a vocal supporter of the Harajuku Barbie.

While Nicki stays focused on her next releases, her new album, in particular, Dallas-based rapper, Asian Doll, thought to join in on the conversation, seemingly bragging to Baby Tate and Erica Banks that she is sure to be the female rapper to get a feature from Nicki.

“Y’all b*tches can Shut up,” Asian Doll tweeted on Wednesday, March 9th. “Nicki not doing a song with y’all before me no ways tf get in line hoe.”

Without a shadow of doubt, it is clear how badly Asian wants to jump on a jam with Nicki as soon as she possibly can.

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