Assault Case: Manager Sheds Light After Seun Kuti Arrest

Title: “Seun Kuti’s Assault Case: Manager Sheds Light as Legal Battle Unfolds”

A fresh wave of controversy has engulfed the Nigerian music scene after the arrest of Afrobeat star, Seun Kuti, following his physical altercation with a police officer. The incident, which has been making headlines across the nation, recently took a new turn as Seun Kuti’s manager, Ayo, decided to break his silence.

Ayo revealed in an exclusive interview with Potpourri that the incident occurred when Seun Kuti was driving with his family on the third mainland bridge. Their vehicle was rear-ended by a truck driven by a police officer allegedly under the influence. The resulting jolt left Seun’s daughter visibly shaken and in shock, he said.

However, the situation escalated when the police officer, rather than apologizing, engaged in a heated argument with Seun Kuti. The altercation culminated in the singer slapping the officer, as Ayo narrated. The manager further stated, “People should realize that men in uniforms also provoke civilians. Immunity is no excuse for impunity.”

On Monday, Seun Kuti turned himself in to the Lagos state police. Accompanied by his lawyer and a family representative, he reported to the Lagos State Police Command Headquarters, Ikeja, where he was subsequently placed under arrest.

This move came as a response to the Inspector-General of Police, Usman Alkali Baba, ordering Seun’s immediate arrest after video footage of the altercation went viral. In a statement, the IGP assured Nigerians of a thorough investigation into the incident and promised that “offenders of such hideous crimes will be surely brought to book.”

Throughout this ordeal, Seun Kuti has shown willingness to cooperate with the police investigation. As he stated on his Instagram story, “I welcome the investigation and will give my full cooperation! I also pray to the IG that whoever is wrong should be indicted.”

Amidst the turmoil, human rights lawyer Femi Falana has stepped in to defend Seun Kuti. Falana confirmed that Kuti would report to the police, and assured that there was “no problem at all.” He further revealed that the singer has enough evidence to defend himself, indicating that this wasn’t Kuti’s first encounter with the police.

The embattled singer has previously claimed on Instagram that the officer attempted to “kill” him and his family. The IGP’s command has promised a thorough investigation, ensuring that the truth behind the incident will be revealed in due course. This case has once again sparked a heated debate around police conduct and the delicate balance between authority and civil rights in Nigeria.

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