Astroworld Lawsuits Merged Into A Single Case

Alas, all the many Astroworld lawsuits filed against Travis Scott and Live Nation have been merged into one big case.

It was all pandemonium and chaos at the Astroworld festival last year. The aftermath was the great rising of lawsuits in their hundreds coming for Travis Scott and the festival’s organizers.

About 2800 filed lawsuits representing all the victims have now been filed as one and will be overseen by a judge that has been confirmed. The judge will also over pretrial proceedings. It really does not look good for Travis and his team. The organizers as well.

The decision to move forward with one filed lawsuits was made by both the parties of the victims and that of the organizers. A few attorneys have written, saying, “This type of litigation is exactly what the Texas MDL process is designed to address.” To further rub in how pretty serious this matter is, the FBI has decided to step in.

Crazy, right? Exactly. A new website “”  has been set up to speed up investigation. The FBI will be working on evidence collection from anyone that can come forward.

La Flame was slated to perform at Coachella 2022, but with mutual understanding from both himself and the festival’s organizers, he will be sitting this one out.

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