Australian Refund Error Money Being Pursued By

An Australian woman is allegedly being pursued by Singapore-based exchange over $7 million worth of digital assets that were unintentionally refunded. Thevamanogari Manivel of Melbourne inadvertently received A$10.5 million from Singapore-based in May after requesting a refund for A$100 ($68), and she apparently moved the money quickly.

It wasn’t until December, seven months later, that the refund issue was found. An investigation, according to Guardian, claims that Manivel kept the cash and moved it among several bank accounts before buying a five-bedroom house and giving ownership to her sister. Manivel’s bank accounts have been frozen by a court, and has been ordered to sell the property as soon as possible before paying back the money with interest.

In October, the case will be heard in court again. The year 2022 has been difficult for Along with the general unrest, the Singaporean digital bourse also announced the termination of 260 employees, or 5% of its workforce, in June after becoming the target of a $34 million breach in January that compromised roughly 500 accounts.

Outside of the cryptocurrency community, is best known as the company whose name now graces the former Staples Center in Los Angeles, as well as for Super Bowl commercials with actor Matt Damon and basketball player LeBron James that portray cryptocurrency investors as trailblazers and use the catchphrase “Fortune favors the brave.”

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