Ayra Starr Delighted To Be A Part Of Creed III’s Soundtrack Album

Exuberant young Nigerian female artist Ayra Starr has revealed that one of her songs was featured on the Creed III soundtrack. Ayra Starr, who continues to distinguish herself as a gifted artist, demonstrates how her most recent accomplishment honors her talent, hard work, and growth.

Taking to her Instagram page, the songstress shared slides of her recent feats, which included her Creed III soundtrack feature, getting featured on the remix of Libianca’s hit song “People,” and progress reports of how her music is performing in foreign lands. In the post’s comment section, she received heartwarming felicitations on her successful endeavors from colleagues and fans.

Ayra had earlier announced that the soundtrack for the American action film Creed III would feature her voice in one of the film’s soundtracks as she celebrated her most recent success. The Creed franchise’s third installment, for which Ayra Starr is featured on its soundtrack, has become a Box Office smash, raking in $58.6 million on its opening day.

That is a sports movie’s highest-ever opening weekend. At this point, Creed III has a good chance of surpassing Creed and Creed II ($109.8M and $115.7M, respectively) as the highest-grossing Creed movie in the United States ($150M), while also giving the domestic box office a significant boost as it attempts to reach pre-Covid levels.

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