Ayra Starr Placed On Bed Rest, And Her US Tour Canceled

Due to health concerns, singer Sarah Aderibigbe, Ayra Starr, cannot perform at her upcoming concerts in various American cities. The singer announced on her Instagram story on Sunday night that her doctor had ordered immediate bed rest for her. She also expressed her regret to her followers for not attending the highly anticipated performances.

The Mavin actress thanked her supporters for their prayers and pledged that she would “be back in a special way” for them. The Industry Night Show in Houston is scheduled to feature Ayra Starr as the headlining act on Sunday night. She was also expected to appear at the Virginia City Something In The Water Concert with Busta Rhymes, ASAP Rocky, and other well-known performers.

Ayra Starr Placed On Bed Rest, And Her Us Tour Canceled, Yours Truly, News, March 2, 2024

Concerned for the singer, her fans and followers have sent their best wishes and prayers for a quick recovery. Ayra also recently shared a challenging time in her career when she was voiceless for more than two months. Ayra discussed the potential causes of her vocal difficulties and how she overcame them in a candid interview on the Joey Akan-hosted podcast Afrobeats Intelligence.

Ayra asserts that it’s essential for musicians to take care of their voices by warming them up vocally, avoiding stress, and consuming warm liquids to relax their vocal cords. But she eventually lost her voice due to the strain of frequent performances, poor vocal care, air-conditioned sleeping quarters, and a lack of vocal warm-ups.

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