Basketmouth Announces The Dissolution Of His 12-Year Marriage To Elsie

Bright Okpocha, a well-known Nigerian comedian better known by his stage moniker Basketmouth, has announced the end of his 12-year marriage to Elsie Okpocha. The famous comedian disclosed the information on Thursday in a post on his official Instagram and Facebook accounts. In the article, Basketmouth, who celebrated his wife’s 44th birthday in October, stated that the choice resulted from extensive discussion with his wife.

However, he committed that they would keep working together to ensure their children received parental love and care. The comedian rightfully turned off the comment option for the post. No one would have seen or sensed this bombshell coming because everything seemed lovey-dovey from their social media posts about each other, especially on their respective birthday anniversaries.

Only two months ago, Elsie shared a sweet message about her hubby on his birthday, declaring his love for him. She called him her “ride or die,” which would tell any reasonable person that their relationship was rock-solid. Was she keeping up appearances, or is the irreconcilable issue a more recent one? Hard to tell at this point, but it is what it is. Bright and Elsie were joined together in holy matrimony in 2010, and together they have three children, Janelle, Jason, and Maya Okpocha. Look at Basketmouth’s announcement below.Basketmouth Announces The Dissolution Of His 12-Year Marriage To Elsie, Yours Truly, News, May 26, 2024

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