BBTitans: The Action Continues As Show Gradually Nears Final Week

BBTitans is gradually winding down to its finale day, and another voting week for the housemates who may be evicted from the BBTitans show is already underway online. Save for Justin, Ebubu, Ipeleng, and Blaqboi, all the other housemates were put up for possible eviction come Sunday.

The BBTitans show’s first round of nominations was held following the dissolution of the housemates’ pairings. A new development was that Blaqboi, the Head of the House(HOH), could not employ the veto save and replace power. As a result, eight surviving housemates, Khosi, Blue Aiva, and Kanaga Jr., were notified that they could be evicted.

Bbtitans: The Action Continues As Show Gradually Nears Final Week, Yours Truly, News, June 12, 2024
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As customary, the housemates went to the diary room to nominate their fellow housemates, and after the nomination process, eight residents were listed as candidates for eviction. Khosi, Blue Aiva, Kanaga Jr., Tsatsii, Miracle OP, Nana, Thabang, and Yvonne are the housemates who were nominated at the end of the process.

Khosi nominated Kanaga Jnr and Tsatsii, Ipeleng chose Kanaga Jnr and Khosi, Blaqboi opted for Miracle OP and Thabang, Ebubu’s choice was Miracle and Blue Aiva, Miracle decided Kanaga Jnr and Yvonne, Justin had Khosi and Tsatsii in his list, Nana nominated Miracle and Blue Aiva, Kanaga Jnr chose Khosi and Miracle OP. At the same time, Yvonne settled for Miracle OP and Thabang.

As the Head of the house, Blaqboi was covered by the HOH immunity from the nominations. Surprisingly, Lucky Justin didn’t even get one nomination hence his safe passage into next week.

Ipeleng and Ebubu weren’t a part of the nominated list, too, following their passage to the finale. Recall that, Ipeleng won the supreme veto power game played last week, earning herself a ticket to the finals. Ipeleng was tasked with choosing a housemate who would benefit from her maximum veto power by automatically qualifying for the finals during the live eviction show on March 12. Ipeleng was given 25 minutes to select, and the other housemates could not sway her decision.
Ipeleng selected Ebubu to be the second finalist for the season after her allotted time had passed.
Ipeleng’s decision was met with conflicting reactions on social media. Although Netizens expressed their joy for Ebubu, some pointed out that Ipeleng only chose him because he posed less of a threat to her in the finale.

They added that this turn of events could swing in Ebubu’s favor and see him clinch the grand prize in what will become the show’s highlight.

The BBTitans show has been a revelation and has created memories for the adoring fans, and all eyes will be on the finale week, where the sum of $100,000(R1.7 million/₦46 million) will be up for grabs.

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