Before Rap, The Game Wanted To Manage A Home Depot

Many a times we find ourselves abandoning our first dreams for a more lucrative afterthoughts. At times, the afterthoughts work out pretty well and we are thankful for them, but at other times, not so well. However for American rapper, The Game, he appears to be one of the very lucky ones who abandoned their first love to an afterthought ideas and became better for it.

American rapper, The Game has recently declared that before he settled for rap, he had nutured at least one other dream. While rapper are often advised to have a plan B for when rap music stops working for them, for The Game, rap is the side hustle.

Appearing in a recent interview with Matt Barnes and Steven Jackson on All the Smoke Podcast, The Game took a journey down the memory lane, explaining how he came to find himself in the rap music business.

The rapper explained that he had a rough upbringing, and that he never really had much plans for himself until he got himself shot in a local street trouble. The shot which landed the rapper in a coma was his moment of epiphany. Coming out of coma, the rapper immediately began to make plans about his future.

Explaining further, The Game remarked that he drew up five different plans, and the first on the list was to apply to a Home depot with the hope of one day becoming the Depot manager. Rap featured on his list of plans then at number 3.

The Game however settled for rap because, according to him, it was the easiest to attain of all his plans. He later confessed he didn’t find rap music as easy as he thought he would.

Watch the interview below:


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