Before The Sexual Assault, Mystikal Allegedly Made The Victim Pray With Him

Prior to this, Mystikal was legally charged with first-degree rape for an alleged assault that allegedly took place in July 2022 at his Ascension Parish residence. As further details about the incident have emerged, it has been claimed that the rapper compelled the alleged victim to pray alongside him before sexually assaulting her.

The victim claims that after the rapper accused her of stealing $100 from him, things escalated. The unnamed victim claimed that Mystikal became so enraged that he snatched her keys and tore the braids out of her hair, preventing her from running away. After that, the rapper allegedly doused the victim in rubbing alcohol and made her say a prayer alongside him before executing the crime.

The woman eventually made it out of there and received medical attention for her wounds at the Baton Rouge General Hospital. The rapper’s lawyer has called the accusations against Mystikal “bogus.” According to Mystikal, the victim demanded $1,000 from him and threatened to report him for sexual assault if he didn’t pay.

Mystikal has reportedly been charged with first-degree rape after an alleged attack that took place at his Ascension Parish residence back in July. The July assault led to the formal indictment of Mystikal, real name Michael Tyler, on charges of first-degree rape, simple criminal damage to property, domestic violence battery by strangling, simple robbery, and false imprisonment.

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