Bella Shmurda – Ara (Gen Gen Tin)

Gen Gen Tin: Bella Shmurda brags about how his success in "Ara"

Nigerian singer and songwriter, Bella Shmurda, has dropped a new single titled “Ara (Gen Gen Tin)” on March 10, 2023. The track opens with the artist’s signature adlibs, “En en en en,” followed by a smooth beat that sets the tone for the rest of the song.

In the first verse, Bella Shmurda talks about his journey to success and the challenges he faced. He sings about his determination to make it big in the music industry and how he won’t beg for food anymore. He also mentions the people who helped him along the way, including his friend Jago Rahmoni.

The chorus, “Ara mon da ni (Gen gen tin),” is a Yoruba phrase that means “I have a genie,” and it’s a reflection of the artist’s newfound success. Bella Shmurda sings about his desire to buy things for two, indicating that he has someone special in his life.

In the second verse, Bella Shmurda talks about how his success has brought him joy and how he loves to party. He also mentions the need to stay alert and avoid enemies who might wish him harm. The bridge features the same lines from the first verse, and the chorus repeats twice more to end the song.

The song “Ara (Gen Gen Tin)” is a great example of Bella Shmurda’s abilities as a performer and songwriter, and it is quite catchy. The song is destined to be popular among listeners who enjoy Afrobeat and Nigerian music due to its catchy rhythm and lyrics that are easy to relate to.

Bella Shmurda – Ara (Gen Gen Tin)

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