Bella Shmurda Falls Off Stage As A Result Of Fan Misconduct

Superstar musician Bella Shmurda became another victim of a stage fall during his recent performance. It is no news that Bella is a beloved artist who has captured many’s hearts and love with his unique sound and voice. So it is not surprising that fans would attempt to get in his personal space at his shows, which was precisely what happened at the recent Shmurda gig. From the footage from the chaotic moment, a fan was seen standing next to Shmurda on stage, trying to catch a quick selfie with the star.

But stuff hit the fan when the overzealous fan tried to hold Bella, to which he resisted, pushing the fan away to catch a breather when Bella’s security intervened. However, it appears the overly-eager fan somehow lost his balance, causing Bella to fall over and off the stage as concertgoers all gasped and exclaimed out of fear. The singer’s security detail again swooped in to save the day as they helped Shmurda up and back on stage.

Because the show must go on regardless, the singer continued singing after getting back on stage, though he took a few seconds to calmly reprimand the super-charged fan responsible for his fall. Check it out below.

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