Benzino Addresses Gay Rumors

Benzino has addressed recent gay rumors after a surfaced video of police escorting him out of the Red Roof Inn.

Boston rapper, TV personality, and record producer, Ray Benzino has been the talk of the town since a video of him being escorted by police out of the Red Roof Inn dominated social media. There have been rumors about his sexuality. The Boston native has now come clean about what went done in a recent interview with VladTV.

The viral video shows the “Who Is Benzino” star in a heated exchange with the cops. However, he explains in the interview that it isn’t a recent video. According to him, that happened five years ago. He also explained that his life was not great at the time. According to him, he was going through the most financially. Benzino said that he had hit the lowest point in his life, and at the time, one of his exes took his son with her to California.

He also opened up about being spotted with another man at a hotel. Well, he isn’t gay. He revealed that growing up, he didn’t know much about being gay because they weren’t a lot of gay people around him. Watch the full interview here:

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