Beyoncé’s Lyrics Have Prompted Brian Kilmeade Of Fox News To Label Her As “More Evil Than Ever”

For Ingram’s Corner on Monday, special guests Brian Kilmeade and Raymond Arroyo attacked Beyoncé over the lyrics to her song “Heated” from her most recent album Renaissance. This was in response to reports that Beyoncé will take the word “spaz” out of the song due to negative feedback.

Spas is a pejorative name for spastic diplegia, a kind of cerebral palsy that makes it difficult for people to control specific muscles, despite the fact that many people mistakenly believe it means insane. Before condemning Beyoncé for some of the other lyrics, Kilmeade and Arroyo appeared to make fun of her choice to omit the term.

“Now Brian,” said Arroyo after having played a snippet of the song, “Beyoncé is using the N-word, dirty terms for male/female genitals, breasts and ass, but ‘spaz’ is an offensive term in this lyric.” Beyoncé isn’t going far enough in Arroyo’s opinion to simply correct that word.

“So Beyoncé is taking the word spaz out,” Arroyo said. “It doesn’t matter that it continues on the back side, it’s completely normal. I don’t think she went far enough with the cleanup and revision of the lyrics.” Not simply for her lyrics, Kilmeade persisted in bashing Beyoncé personally.

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