Big Sean And Megan Thee Stallion Are Being Sued Over “Go Crazy”

A recent lawsuit alleges that Big Sean and Megan Thee Stallion knowingly copied significant elements of the song “Krazy” from 2012 when they wrote their duet “Go Crazy” for Big Sean’s upcoming debut album Good News in 2020. J.R. Rotem produced the song, which also included 2 Chainz, who isn’t mentioned in the lawsuit.

Duawn “Go Hard Major” Payne and Harrell “H Matic” James, two Detroit musicians, claim in the lawsuit, which was filed on Monday and obtained by Rolling Stone, that “Go Crazy” has “nearly identical” timing, melodies, harmonies, tones, cadence, reverb, and wording in the chorus to their song “Krazy,” which was also released online via YouTube and ReverbNation, going on to sell “thousands of copies” published as CDs and performed in several Detroit clubs.

“An average lay observer would recognize the Infringing Work as having been appropriated from the Copyrighted Work because of the striking similarity between the two compositions and the way in which they are performed,” states the complaint. “Indeed, the Infringing Work is so strikingly similar to the Copyrighted Work as to preclude the possibility of independent creation.”

A cease and desist letter that “in good faith, sought to amicably resolve the issue” was allegedly issued to Big Sean and Megan Thee Stallion, according to the lawsuit.

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