Big Sean & Jhené Aiko Weirdly Mistaken For Hollywood Royalty During NFL Rams Game

It’s a case of mixed-up identities for Big Sean and longtime, off-and-on girlfriend, Jhené Aiko. An equally funny and awkward situation was created by the personnel manning the jumbotron at the NFL Rams Game last Sunday, January 30th.

The Detroit Don was out at a championship game between Los Angeles’ Rams and San Francisco’s 49ers, hanging with his girl, Jhené, who was sighted sitting pretty beside him. All was going smoothly until the man handling the operation of the jombotron, a huge video display screen of a type used in venues such as sports stadiums, put up names that did not quite tally with the names of the celebrity couple when their faces were shown on the large screen.

Instead of the names they go by, the jombotron guy displayed the names of another Hollywood power couple considered to be royalty. The names of “I Know What You Did Last Summer” actors Sarah Michelle Gellar, and husband Freddie Prinze Jr. The funny part was, our jombotron guy used the woman’s name for Sean and the man’s name for his babe. So a lot must have been on his mind. But, of course, a bad day could be blamed too. Whatever be the case, it is now water under the bridge, as the actors have since cleared things up with a funny Instagram post.

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