Big Spender Yhemo Lee’s N40m Lavish Club Spending Leaves Fans Surprised

Famous socialite and nightlife promoter Yhem Lee spent millions in the club with his buddies and bragged about it on social media. Also, Yhemo Lee displayed bottles of the various alcoholic drinks they drank and his pricey attire for the evening. While the nightclub promoter’s supporters praised him, other internet users questioned how he makes money.

A recent club outing by well-known nightlife entrepreneur and actress Yhemo Lee generated comments on social media. The empty bottles that Yhemo Lee and his crew spent N40 million on were displayed after he displayed his expensive clothing and accessories for the occasion. The nightlife promoter also showed his automobile and provided a sneak preview of one of his club-dancing moments; why Yhemo Lee and his crew would spend millions on alcohol baffled internet users.

Netizens also reacted to his comments about Skit-makers. One of the popular content creators, Carter Efe, answered Yhemo Lee after making incendiary remarks about skit makers and their incomes. He hinted that there is a lot of money in skit-making and comedy in Nigeria.

In a popular video, Efe criticized actor Yhemo Lee for claiming in an interview that he could earn more money in a single night than sketch creators in a series of videos. The outraged content creator demanded to know why the actor was disparaging him and his coworkers and if Yhemo Lee was a criminal who operates at night.

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