Bill Paxton’s Family To Receive $1M In Settlement Fee Over Actor’s Death

Bill Paxton’s family has managed to reach a $1 million settlement with an anesthesiologist medical group in relation with his death back in 2017 closely following his heart surgery, according to a new court document.

Attorneys for the defendants, General Anesthesia Specialists Partnership, filed papers on Wednesday, February 16th, in Los Angeles County Superior Court, seeking the settlement’s approval. The group played a role in the heart surgery Paxton underwent not more than two weeks before he passed on the 25th of February, 2017.

The anesthesia group has denied any responsibility, from what the court records state, saying it “contends that its personnel complied with the standard of care insofar as their involvement in the care and treatment of … Paxton, and nothing their personnel did or didn’t do caused or contributed to his death.”

The filing states that the settlement is dependent on the court’s finding it was made in good faith. Robert Reback, an attorney for General Anesthesia Specialists Partnership and Dr. Moody Makar, an anesthesiologist, who is named as a defendant, said last Thursday that the settlement means Makar would be cut lose from the lawsuit and wouldn’t be getting a dime.

He said the settlement reached by the General Anesthesia group was a “business decision.”

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