Billboards For Freddie Gibbs’ “SSS” Can Be Seen In New York, Chicago, And Los Angeles

Although several great rap albums have been released this year, fans are eagerly expecting the release of Freddie Gibbs’ long-awaited new album, SSS, which stands for Soul Sold Separately. He has released a ton of music over the previous 18 months, from “Black Illuminati” with Jadakiss to the Nas-inspired “Big Boss Rabbit.”

Unfortunately, there haven’t been many updates lately because Gibbs has mostly been harassing his supporters online for a release date. But it appears things will soon change. According to TMZ, billboards have appeared all over the nation teasing the release of SSS. The billboards advertise the SSS Casino and include a phone number that fans can call.

They have appeared in New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago. The phone number connects you to a recording of a female concierge listing the facilities of the SSS Casino before threateningly declaring, “Soul is sold separately.” By emphasizing each word on the several billboards with blue letters, the billboards also connect Gibbs’ moniker “Big Rabbit.”

The release of Gibbs’ new album is reportedly scheduled for this fall, according to TMZ. So it appears that before the year is up, we will be getting another album. Gibbs previously listed a few team members, including DJ Paul and Madlib. See Gibbs’ post below.

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