Billie Eilish Again Temporarily Halts Show For The Safety Of Her Crowd

Billie Eilish has once again brought one of her live shows to a brief halt with the intention of checking on the safety of her crowd.

In the middle of her performance at The Madison Square Garden in New York City over the past weekend, Eilish told her fans: “If you want to sit down, you are allowed. Go ahead, sit down, take a breath.” As revealed in a footage obtained and shared by TMZ, the pop star also asked her fans posted in front to “take a step back and give everybody some room down here”.

Something very similar to this incident also went down at a Billie Eilish concert in Atlanta, Georgia, where a concertgoer suffered am unexpected medical emergency. Eilish momentarily paused her performance to enable the fan have access to an inhaler. “Can we just grab one?” was her question to a crew member.

Another clip showed Eilish being applauded and cheered on after saying: “I wait for people to be OK until I keep going,’ which some thought had a subliminal undertone that threw shade at Travis Scott, whose Astroworld 2021 headline show resulted in the unfortunate death of 10 fans, leaving hundreds with injuries.

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