Blaqbonez Invites Chike & Raybekah To Assist Him In “Breaking The Yoke Of Love”

Blaqbonez - Breaking The Yoke Of Love Ft. Chike & Raybekah

Chocolate City rapper Blaqbonez has released a new song, “Breaking The Yoke Of Love,” featuring singer Chike and upcoming artist Raybekah. The new single is released in time for his second concert, which happens every February, with the maiden edition held last year. So, the latest track serves as the theme song.

Blaq has been talking heavily about the downsides of being in a relationship in a society that encourages promiscuity and infidelity. This motivated the rapper to release his blockbuster album “Sex Over Love,” which entirely changed the course of his somewhat stagnant career. The rapper went on to drop a new album late last year, which he called “Young Preacher.”

The LP went on to snag the number-one spot on the Apple Music Nigeria album chart, just like the album before it. Blaq released a simple but sharp music video that even featured an entire choir to add to the buzz of the new single. And just like his sold-out show held at Murin Okinola Park last year, Blaq is confident that this year’s installment of the show, coming up on the 11th of February, will also be a huge success. Cop a ticket if you are interested in witnessing the young preacher break the yoke of love. For the time being, though, check out the new song below.

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