Blueface Brings Ex-Artist Chrisean Rock To Tears In His Maybach

The relationship existent between Blueface and Chrisean Rock has been one so many concerned folks have been trying to figure out. How they have managed to remain in each other’s lives even after all the rockiness and instability fully evident in their relationship.

Chrisean had been released from jail in February after she had been accused of breaking into Blueface’s home and fleeing with his vehicle. The rapper had, at the time, gone on social media to report her. Though she was eventually arrested for being in possession of a controlled substance.

After all that chaos, the pair were later spotted together standing outside a Tao restaurant like nothing happened. Now, that is what people cannot seem to fathom. And just recently, the pair made it to the news again for repeating the same old pattern.

In a recent video circulating online, Chrisean is seen crying, allegedly after being humiliated by Blueface in a shoe store. She seemed to be in some real tears, but Blueface appeared amused, as he asked her if she would rather cry in a Maybach or a Toyota. He’s okay with her crying? Over what he did?

Like that incident never happened, the pair were seen in a new video out on a date and looking all loved-up. Fans jumped in the comment section to bemoan the toxicity that is their relationship, desiring and wishing freedom for Chrisean.

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