BNXN fka Buju Premieres “Omo Elewa” With T.Y.E

Nigerian since Bnxn formerly known as Buju is out with a new tune titled “Omo Elewa.” The number has his associate T.Y.E on it. It’s a joint number, with neither being the guest artist.

Translated from the Yoruba, the title of the song roughly means (a) “beautiful child.” While the song does not exactly take you into a child’s universe, it brings you something beautiful still.

Yes. From the outset, that should be obvious. What’s more? the two singers, although without a long history of collaborations, actually hit it off on this one. From listening to them comes the desire to want to continue listening to them.

So, beyond the charms of what they have just created, chances are you would want to see what next they might release. There is no talk yet of another collaboration, which is still okay. There is at least something decent to vibe with on the table.

“Omo Elewa” is a sonic beauty – a memorable track that will appeal to music lovers generally because, among other reasons, a universal message is embedded within its orbit. You are welcome to check it out and find out for yourself.

Bnxn and T.Y.E are not here to play.

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