BNXN (Buju) Taps Kizz Daniel And Seyi Vibez For ‘Gwagwalada’

BNXN fka Buju, Kizz Daniel, Seyi Vibez - Gwagwalada

The collaboration between BNXN, Kizz Daniel, and Seyi Vibez resulted in the production of an amapiano composition that will be on the playlist of every DJ and is certain to keep the dancefloor crowded. From their break through, the three artists have kept up a consistent output of successful songs, which has allowed them to remain active in the music business.

BNXN established himself as a well-known artist in Nigeria due to the success of his first studio album, outstanding live performances, and chat-topping collaborations with various musicians. Soon after, he established himself as one of the most in-demand artists in the nation, giving performances at important events and collaborating with other prominent figures in Nigerian music.

His self-titled first EP received tremendous accolades from reviewers and fans alike; however, his second EP, dubbed “Bad Since 97,” received even more appreciation. This project highlighted BNXN’s development as an artist and featured collaborations with some of the most prominent figures in the history of Nigerian music.

BNXN has already unleashed two successful singles this year, namely “Traboski” and “Omo Elewa,” and “Gwagwalada” is the third song that he has published so far in 2023. For contributions to the song, he requested the assistance of Kizz Daniel and Seyi Vibez, two of the most popular artists at the moment. The magnificence of the song is amplified by the fact that it was created by the well-known music producer Sarz. The song is produced by Sarz and was released on February 16, 2023.

“Gwagwalada” is a song that celebrates a particular area in the FCT of Nigeria known as Gwagwalada.

The song begins with Kizz Daniel and BNXN chanting the name “Gwagwalada” repeatedly in the intro. The chorus then kicks in with BNXN and Kizz Daniel singing about their journey from Abuja to Gwagwalada, expressing their determination to overcome obstacles. The lyrics also mention shawarma, a popular food in Nigeria, suggesting that the artists are enjoying the local cuisine.

The first verse by Seyi Vibez is delivered in Yoruba, a Nigerian language, and mentions a few references to Norse mythology, with “Asgard” being the realm of the gods. The lyrics also mention “Iya Charley,” which could be a reference to a person, and “Wahabi,” which is likely a reference to the Islamic sect. Overall, the verse seems to be a mix of personal musings and references that might not have a clear meaning to listeners unfamiliar with Yoruba or the culture of Nigeria.

The second verse features Kizz Daniel and BNXN exchanging lines about wanting to be energized and empowered while also expressing their readiness to move on to the next experience or person. The chorus is repeated again, with BNXN and Kizz Daniel emphasizing their presence in Gwagwalada and willingness to enjoy themselves.

Overall, the lyrics of “Gwagwalada” seem to celebrate a particular area in Nigeria, with the artists expressing their excitement about the food, people, and experiences they have encountered there. The song’s lyrics also showcase a mix of cultural references that might not be immediately apparent to all listeners.

The song may be streamed on all of the most popular music platforms and is anticipated to be popular with listeners who enjoy Afrobeat music and followers of the collaborators. This demonstrates their commitment to making music of the highest possible caliber, which not only satisfies their audience but also helps them stay current within the music scene. The track’s amapiano mood ensures that it will keep dancefloors packed and that it will be a staple in DJ playlists for the foreseeable future.

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