BNXN fka Buju Slams Ruger In A Brand-New Freestyle Video

BNXN, formerly known by the stage moniker Buju, has served another hot diss to his new industry friend and rival Ruger. This diss was well-prepared in a short video uploaded to BNXN’s Intsa story. In the clip, the singer can be seen singing to the instrumental of “Wo Wo,” a new song from his friend and colleague Minz, who he has also been promoting on his IG lately for whatever reason.

Daniel Benson was freestyling flawlessly to the beat and, out of the blue, threw in a “Ruger” wordplay when he said, “you don’t compare an AK to a damn Ruger.” Now, that is a third-degree burn. Lines prior, the AK fired a subliminal bullet when he was ‘disturbing’ artists on labels, and seeing as he is independent, that will rub it in even more. Usually, when BNXN drops one bombshell, Ruger is on standby to return fire to him in double-fold, so we will see if Ru responds expectedly or if he will empty his Ruger of all subliminal bullets and let this one slide.

While shots are being sent his way, Ruger continues to enjoy “Asiwaju”‘s extended reign at number one on the charts as we stay expectant for his debut project, which he has promised will arrive this year.

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