BNXN Vibes To Ruger’s Song While Cruising In His Bentley, And Fans Go Crazy

The latest singles, artist collaborations, and chart-topping singers are always making headlines in the Nigerian music scene. One of them is the loved, critically acclaimed BNXN and his long-running rivalry with vocalist Ruger. The two frequently argue over who is more superior, and this has not abated with time.

Fans were recently taken aback by BNXN’s choice of music, especially seeing as it is from Ruger’s stable. This occurred a few days after Ruger made a statement—which many interpreted as a sly dig at BNXN—about silencing his detractors and doubters with a project that would soon be revealed. But, BNXN put aside any animosity between him and Ruger and jammed to his rival’s work in appreciation.

BNXN used Ruger’s “Asiwaju” smash record as background music in the video while showing off the inside of his new prize car. Despite the social media squabbles and rumored feud, both musicians appear to have been buddies behind the scenes. This was confirmed in another video shared last year by a Twitter user, which showed BNXN backstage greeting Ruger as he made his way to the stage for a performance. Don’t be misled by the hype. These musicians are friends on the low.

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