BNXN Weighs In On Wande Coal Vs Rema Comparison

Prominent Nigerian singer, Daniel Benson, widely recognized as BNXN, has weighed in on a recent debate comparing the musical talents of Afrobeats star, Wande Coal, and rising artist, Rema. In his view, Coal’s contributions to the music industry place him above his contemporaries, including Rema.

The debate emerged on social media, pitting the melodies and songs of the two musicians against each other. Twitter users expressed divided opinions, with some favoring Coal’s seasoned skills while others upheld Rema’s modern, vibrant sound.

In response to the heated discussion, BNXN, famous for his hit song ‘In My Mind,’ took to Twitter to show support for Wande Coal, known for his popular track “Who Born The Maga.” He tweeted his admiration for the Afrobeats star, indicating that, in his opinion, no one in the industry compares to Coal.

The debate continued among fans, as @ThaBoyYom came to Coal’s defense, criticizing those who claimed Rema’s melodies surpassed Coal’s. Meanwhile, @kusssman contested this view, questioning how anyone could rank Coal’s melodies above Rema’s. @ismoofficial chimed in, acknowledging Coal’s status as a “Black Diamond” in the industry, but asserted that Rema surpassed Coal in terms of melody and harmony.

Bnxn Weighs In On Wande Coal Vs Rema Comparison, Yours Truly, News, June 22, 2024Bnxn Weighs In On Wande Coal Vs Rema Comparison, Yours Truly, News, June 22, 2024

Despite the ongoing debate, BNXN’s endorsement of Coal underscores the respect and admiration Coal has earned from his peers in the music industry.

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