Bobby Brown Opens Up About Madonna & Janet Jackson Romances In New Doc

Bobby Brown has shared more details on his romance with Janet Jackson and Madonna in his upcoming documentary.

We doubt anyone has had an exciting life as much as Bobby Brown has. The legendary music star shares more details about his romances with two of the world’s biggest stars, Madonna and Janet Jackson.

His previously aired biopic shared some insight into his life, but his upcoming documentary proves that there is much more to know about Brown. This time, we get to hear everything from his mouth. Named “Biography: Bobby Brown”, it is a two-pact documentary scheduled to air later this month on A&E.


In an interview, Brown opened up about his romantic interactions with significant stars, including Janet Jackson and Madonna. He admitted to battling a sex addiction and his crush on Jackson. He said, “Did I sleep with Madonna? We didn’t do any sleeping. That just happened. I don’t even know how it happened. I don’t believe she knows how it happened. She probably knows how it happened, but we didn’t do no sleeping.”

“Then there was Janet Jackson, I had a big crush on Janet Jackson. What was it about Janet? Everything. Her little smile, body, her dance moves, her little laugh.” He said she moved up from him by deciding she “couldn’t be with a man like myself.”

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