Bobby Shmurda Addresses Wack 100 Criticism, Asking What He Does For A Living

Bobby Shmurda has again been hit with some questions regarding Wack 100 comments on his dancing, and this time he came armed with words.

Since the Brooklyn drill music pioneer gained his freedom, he has been dishing out singles while working on new music.

Since he blew up in 2014 with the viral song “Hot n***a”, he hasn’t been active on the music scene due to legal woes. These days fans are looking forward to a new body of work that would also serve as his debút project, now that he is a free man.

But of late, his dance moves and how he chooses to move his body has become a topic for conversation ever since California-based music exec Wack 100 spoke on his dancing, criticizing it for being the reason why Shmurda is losing street cred.

During an interview with No Jumper, the rapper had this to say: “I’m not thinking about somebody telling me, ‘Oh, you can’t dance, Bobby.‘ Let somebody tell me that I can’t dance,” he said. “Let somebody—what they gonna do?” he asked.

But Adam22, the host and interviewer, said the bone of contention wasn’t really on if he could dance or not, but about how Wack thinks the dancing makes him look on the streets.

When told who the music exec was and the artists under his management, he expressed respect for one of the artists, The Game, funnily shut down the dancing topic and kept it pushing.

Here is a clip of Bobby’s interview:

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