Bobby Shmurda Claims Not To Be A “Minion” And Won’t Be Making Drill Music

After a protracted stint in prison, Bobby Shmurda has finally made new music available. However, Shmurda now feels the need to provide explanations for how to understand his music. Shmurda responded to BashWorld’s comments about his new music video for the song “Hoochie Daddy” in a recent Instagram post.

BashWorld praised the Shmurda’s aesthetics in his video, calling them “a vibe.” The YouTuber, however, was unsure on how to classify the song itself. It appears that Bobby was triggered by the notion of classification. The New York emcee put this in his caption: “Don’t ever try to put me in a category or in a box you gonna hurt your head… I do what Yall haters cant #Nahimsaying.”

He continued by criticizing the Drill scene, which is currently quite popular in the industry. “I don’t do drill, I won’t ever be A minion Rrrrr,” wrote the “Hot N***a” rapper. “And they can’t clone me really one of a kind.”

He then added a wide variety of emojis, such as praying hands, dancing guys, gorillas, hearts of fire, lions, and fire. Decipherment of the assortment is still pending. One person who is excited about his new EP, Bodboy, which was released on August 5, is Bobby Shmurda.

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