Bobby Shmurda Discusses Friendship With Kai Cenat And Twitch Streaming

Bobby Shmurda entered the rap scene at a time when social media was only starting to influence culture. When “Hot N***a” was released, Vine and Facebook were at their peak, but when Bobby was let out of jail, everything changed. When live-streaming and TikTok started producing stars, Bobby Shmurda had to adjust to the state of the music business.

His bond with Twitch star Kai Cenat was perhaps one of the most surprising connections he’s made since 2021. Although the two have collaborated on a few videos together in the past, Bobby insists that they have grown closer than just friends.

Despite the fact that the two are genuinely close, Cenat opened Shmurda’s eyes to marketing. According to the rapper, sites like Twitch merely serve to broaden an artist’s fan base and that effective marketing is just as crucial as good music.

“Marketing is everything in the game, as I keep saying. You want people to see your sh*t. You can have the best music ever but if you want people to see your sh*t, you have to do good marketing because everybody is marketing nowadays so it’s like people will look at, instead of the music nowadays, they’ll look at the number.”

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