Bobby Shmurda Releases The Teaser For The New Song “Hoochi Daddy”

A new song by Bobby Shmurda will be released in a few days.

The music of Bobby Shmurda has evolved since he was released from prison. It only seems sense that he would want to adapt to the times and give them something that they are just a little bit more familiar with sonically given how much music has changed since he’s been away.

This led to the creation of several hyped-up party songs that have intrigued listeners. Shmurda’s style has evolved over the course of his songs, becoming a little bit more unpredictable. Last night, he teased his most recent single to his 5.7 million Instagram followers.

The new single, titled “Hoochi Daddy,” will be released on Friday, July 15th, which is in around nine days, as you can see down below. Bobby is without a doubt bringing a ton of energy to the song as he raps over some extremely quick drum beats. The women in the music video are all dressed in brightly colored clothing, and Bobby is found in a pastel-hued house with pink weaponry all around him.

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