Boosie declares his preference for a Drake Verse over a A Jay-Z Feature In 2022

Legendary Rapper Boosie, who is not very known for controversies, seems to have taken a liking for controversies with his latest comments. In a recent interview, the rapper made a controversial take when he declared his preference for the younger generation over the older legendary ones.

Boosie made the controversial take while fielding a question on the value of a Jay-Z feature in 2022. He remarked he would gladly take a verse from Drake, more reflective of present realities, than a feature from Jay-Z, who represents an older generation of rappers.

In a recent interview with Vlad TV, Boosie and Vlad explored the sentiments that many OGs have toward the younger generation. Vlad added that he’s continued to reach out to new media channels like SayCheeseTV and promote them. Boosie went on to say that he enjoys seeing the current generation of rappers succeed on their terms, Saying only people who are unhappy with their lives would have issues with the younger generation of rappers.

Explaining the reason for his preference, Boosie explained that the presence of streaming platforms is making new rappers more productive and better inventive with their art. Explaining further, Boosie remarked that the younger generation of rappers is not immune to the mistakes of the older rappers. However, he advised that the younger rappers should be prepared to hold their heads up, confess their mistakes, and learn from them. He further added that the burden of leadership is on the older generation of rappers.

“Everybody gets their time to shine,” Boosie continued. “Just like they fucked up, most of them gonna fuck up the same way. When people do that, I think they should stand up and say, ‘I fucked up.’ I think it is more on the older guy not having right now to shit on the younger artist,” he concluded.

Watch the interview below:

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