Bow Wow Shows Appreciation To Snoop Dogg For His Role In His Career, In View Of His Final Album

Bow Wow proves gratitude is still a thing, as he gives props to an OG that helped him on the rise in his music career.

Snoop Dogg’s long-running career has eventually blessed him with the executive position at Def Jam, and most recently, owning Death Row Records through its acquisition. Through his career run over the decades, the rap legend has played an integral role in breaking forth many artists into stardom. One of such artists are Bow Wow.

Back in the 90s when he was still a growing kid, Bow Wow was taken under Snoop’s wing before the release of his debút album under So So Def Records. Fast forward to some decades later and the pair are still as cordial as ever. Bow Wow, in a recent discussion with HipHopDX, explained his close friendship with Snoop, and what they have cooking in the kitchen.

“I just spoke to Dogg, two days ago on my birthday,” said Bow Wow, who celebrated his birthday on the 9th of March. “Was at dinner and he FaceTimed me. As he was giving me my birthday gift, he was telling me, ‘We about to do something big. I ain’t going into it right now, now ain’t the time, but we about to go ahead and do something crazy together.’”

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