Boys Seen Assisting Portable In Pushing His New “G-wagon Brabus”

Suddenly, fans have been seen assisting famed Nigerian artist Portable in pushing his brand-new “Gwagon Brabus” luxury car. A few days before the event, Portable had posted pictures of the car on his Instagram profile and received congratulations from followers and well-wishers.

The video of the neighborhood lads helping Portable push his car has gone viral on social media, with many users expressing their surprise and delight. This incident serves as a reminder that owning a car is only the story’s beginning because upkeep and maintenance charges can be high.

What will Portable do now that his new car is giving him difficulty so soon after purchase is a concern on many people’s minds. Will he find a way to fix it so he can keep driving his luxurious car instead of taking it back to the dealer and demanding a refund?

Despite the incident’s apparent humor, it emphasizes the value of researching before making a significant purchase like a car. It also serves as a reminder that even famous people face challenges related to car ownership daily.

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