Brawl At Concert Leaves Chris Brown Supporter Concussed

On the last leg of the One Of Them Ones tour are Chris Brown and Lil Baby. The two musicians traveled across North America, and the trip produced many internet sensations, such as Chris Brown’s $1,000 meet and greet package. Even Chris Brown and Jordin Parks, who hadn’t worked together in years, performed their song “No Air” together over the weekend.

Unfortunately, the tour stop in Inglewood, California gained a lot of negative attention. At the end of the performance, a fight allegedly broke out near the stage’s front. One woman is seen unconscious on the floor as two guys continue to fight in the video of the altercation that has surfaced online.

According to witnesses, two women in the front area got into a fight as Chris Brown finished his act. A fight between two men ultimately resulted in one of the males reportedly knocking out a woman. Evidently, security didn’t do anything to break up the fight; instead, it took onlookers.

There is still little information available about the incident. There has been no updates on the welfare of the unconscious woman or the altercation that resulted in physical violence. Despite everything, it appears that Chris Brown was unaware of what was happening and gave fans a fantastic performance.

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