“Break My Soul” Earns Beyoncé Her 1st Top 10 Single In 6 Years

Beyonce steps into a season of new wins as her single “Break My Soul” becomes her very first solo single to make it to the Billboard Hot 100 top 10 single in six years. The previous number to hold that record was “Formation” (released 2016).

“Break My Soul” was released in June as the introductory track to her album “Renaissance.” It was a while since the songstress released anything, and she had announced the coming of the album in style – by taking the profile pictures of all her social media accounts.

That action provoked a frenzy among fans, who started guessing what was imminent. Queen Bey then gave a clue via Tidal: something would be out in July. But first, fans would be treated to “Break My Soul.”

The song came, and it was almost an instant win, giving the songstress a record she couldn’t get in six years and further solidifying her position as a musician of note.

She may not have reached the Top 10 on the Billboard 100 with a solo jam, but through collaborations with other artists, she had achieved that position. For instance, in 2017, she had released “Perfect Duet” in collaboration with Ed Sheeran, and it made it to No. 1.

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