Brymo Shares His Thoughts On Asa And Beautiful Nubia’s Music

Olawale Ibrahim Ashimi, better known by his stage name Brymo, is a Nigerian singer who has made comments about the music of Beautiful Nubia and Asa. Asa, a Nigerian-French soul singer, songwriter, and recording artist, and Beautiful Nubia, a seasoned folk songwriter, composer, and band leader, both significantly contribute to the diversity of Nigerian music as an export to other areas of the world.

In a twitter space he hosted on March 15, 2023, tagged “Pleasure and Wait (Pain)…” when he was asked for his opinion by a fan, Brymo, who recently published his debut music album “Mansa,” talked highly of Beautiful Nubia and Asa. Brymo claims that Beautiful Nubia is an expert who showed him the ropes on how to be a successful independent musician who creates timeless songs.

The contentious Brymo continued by praising Asa as the father of alternative music in Nigeria, a genre that has given rise to a number of amazing talents who are not required to release “club” songs in order to be deemed “successful.”

Brymo’s freedom to express himself, even if it causes things to become tense and divisive, is admirable. Recently, the singer also gave Asake’s most recent single, “Yoga,” high acclaim, describing it as a distinctive departure from the conventional style of modern Afrobeats.

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