BTS Heardle: The K-Pop Band’s New Game Created By Fans To Test How Much Of Their Lyrics They Know

Wordle and BTS are two worlds that amalgamated into “BTS Wordle”, and now fans are hung up on a new game called BTS Heardle.

Taking inspiration from the once-in-a-day word game that tasks players with guessing words of the day in six attempts, Heardle is also about song-guessing this time in seven attempts. An account, @BTSChartData, created by the fans, usually puts together a compilation data of the South Korean band and tests fan love for the group’s songs.

Unlike their first game, “BTS Wordle”, also created by them, the new game brings with it hints for each guess. The K-pop band is known for their poignant and inspirational lyrics, which is what the game tests fans’ knowledge about. The website showcases both original Korean lyrics alongside translations in English.

Although most of BTS’ songs are in Korean, the language won’t be a stumbling block, and it’s all thanks to the bilingual fan volunteers dedicated to translating the song lyrics of the group since their inception. Talk about loyalty.

For the lyric hints made use of in the new game, @BTSChartData teamed up with a trusted translation fan account, @DoolSetBangtan. “After the first guess, you can start listening to the snippet,” read the rule found on the free website created for BTS’ fandom ARMY.

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