BTS’ Park Jimin Breaks A New K-pop Spotify Chart Record With “Like Crazy”

On March 24, Jimin’s eagerly awaited solo debut album, “FACE,” was finally made available. On March 17, the pre-release tune “Set Me Free. Pt2” has already been performing remarkably well and breaking multiple records on various music charts and platforms throughout the world. The album’s already high expectations were further raised by the song’s explosive reception, and the album did not disappoint.

As the biggest solo single debut by a K-pop soloist in Spotify Worldwide Chart history, the title track “Like Crazy” shattered the marks set by “Set Me Free Pt.2” last week. For both filtered and unfiltered streams, this record is used. Jimin currently has the top two spots for the biggest solo song debut by a K-pop soloist on the Spotify Global chart in history, with VIBE by Taeyang, the song he appeared in, taking the third spot.

Thanks to its high streaming numbers, “Like Crazy” rose to the eighth spot on the Spotify Global chart for biggest song debuts by Korean artists. Along with breaking this impressive new record on the Spotify Global chart, the record was also broken on a number of other country-specific Spotify charts, particularly in the US and UK that are regarded as having some of the largest music markets in the world.

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