BTS’s J-Hope “Looks To The Sky” With J.Cole In Released ‘On the Street’ MV Teaser

J Cole’s collaboration with BTS’s J-Hope, “On the street,” has been getting traction in unique progressions and will indeed be getting more as the teaser for the Music Video has been released.

Bts'S J-Hope &Quot;Looks To The Sky&Quot; With J.cole In Released 'On The Street' Mv Teaser, Yours Truly, News, May 24, 2024

The teaser sees Cole and J-Hope look to the Sky as they build anticipation. In the Music Video teaser, J-hope ambles over to sit with a friend as they take a serene glimpse of the brilliant blue Sky against the backdrop of New York City. The companion holding out for J-Hope? That’s J. Cole!

The whistling melody against the backdrop in the MV teaser gives this track that feeling; fans can almost see how great this track is.

J-Hope’s ” On the Street,” featuring J. Cole’s full digital single and music video, will be released on March 3 at midnight EST.

This is a notable collaboration, as the Grammy-nominated duo, who met at Lollapalooza 2022, publicly expressed their admiration for one another.

Fans were startled when Hope of BTS revealed that J Cole would be featured on his upcoming song, “On The Street.” J Hope, a member of the biggest boy band in the world, BTS, stated that the Grammy Award–winning rapper J Cole would be appearing in one of his following projects.

After the enormous and unprecedented success of his debut album “Jack In The Box” in 2023, J Hope announced his March 3 release of “On The Street.” However, fans were shocked when the song’s music video trailer dropped, and J Cole was revealed as a featured artist on the track.

J Cole’s Dreamville posted on March 2nd about the collaboration on social media as fans continued to build anticipation for the release.


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