BTS’s SUGA and IU Unveil Captivating Collaboration ‘People Pt.2’ as Solo Projects Flourish

SUGA from BTS has released a new song called “People Pt.2,” which features South Korean sensation IU. The song is being released ahead of SUGA’s highly anticipated solo album and massive globe tour. “People Pt.2” serves as the first taste of “D-DAY,” his first full-length solo effort, and is a follow-up to 2020’s “People,” a melodic rap single that debuted on SUGA’s second mixtape, “D-2.”

In his solo endeavors, SUGA goes by the name Agust D. The Agust D series, which began with his debut solo mixtape and continued with his 2020 project, has been hailed as the “finale” of his future album. This is not the first time the two South Korean performers have worked together. They worked together on IU’s single “eight,” which was produced and featured SUGA, in 2020. The song earned the couple the MAMA Award for Best Collaboration.

Meanwhile, other members of BTS have been focusing on their own projects. Jimin recently became the first South Korean solo artist to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with “Like Crazy,” the lead single from his debut solo album, “FACE.” With the popularity of the song, BTS leader RM, who co-wrote it, received his fourth No. 1 writing credit.

SUGA’s “D-DAY” album has sparked a lot of interest among fans, with further information regarding the release date and other facts accessible here. “People Pt.2” provides a preview of what to expect from the full-length album and highlights the distinct abilities of both SUGA and IU.

Fans may expect a variety of new music from the BTS members as they continue to pursue individual careers alongside their group activities. SUGA and IU’s collaboration on “People Pt.2” establishes their place as major characters in the South Korean music business and displays their ability to create fascinating compositions that resonate with people all around the world.

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