Bulgaria Is The Newest Nation To Withdraw From The Liverpool Song Contest For Eurovision

Bulgaria is the most recent nation to announce that it would not compete in the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. North Macedonia and Montenegro broadcasters have already declared that the higher admission cost would prevent them from participating in 2023.

As a result of Russia’s prohibition, countries have reportedly been urged to contribute more in order to make up for the revenue they have lost. The list of 37 competitors for the competition in 2023 has officially been verified by the EBU, which oversees the event.

The amount that each participating broadcaster pays to compete is not made public, but the host typically contributes a further payment, bringing the total cost of all entrants to roughly £5m. In this year’s song competition, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Bulgaria all fell short of moving on through the semifinal round.

For the benefit of Ukraine, the winner of the competition this year, the BBC is anticipated to spend between £8 and £17 million to produce the event in May. According to the BBC, Liverpool was selected as the host city in part due to its “cultural offer that puts Ukraine at the heart” of the competition the next year.

Russia used to contribute significantly financially to the production, but after its invasion of Ukraine, it was banned from participating.

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