Burna Boy Boots A Fan Off Stage

Burna Boy is under fire after a video emerged showing him kicking a fan off the stage while performing in Lagos, Nigeria. Burna Boy was slated to play at the Love Damini concert at Eko Energy City in Lagos, Nigeria, at about nine o’clock in the evening. However, on social media, disgruntled fans said that the musician was more than six (6) hours late to the performance and became agitated at people who booed and criticized him.

Fans claim that Burna Boy made them wait outside in the cold before informing them that the equipment had some technical problems.

Burna Boy responded to fans who were noisily booing, saying, “I still love you, and we are still here, so if you are not going to love me, God will punish una.”

Another video shows the performer on stage when he sees a fan trying to enter the stage. Instead of alerting security, the performer kicks the fan in the face. Although the performer hasn’t commented on his behavior, it appears that he might have been enraged by fans trying to storm the stage. Another video shows a woman running onto the stage before being lifted off by two security personnel.

In contrast to how he treats supporters in Europe and North America, where he has been seen assisting white fans on stage, Burna Boy was slammed online by followers for how he treated a Nigerian fan.

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