Burna Boy Comes Under Fire Following Arise TV Snub At  2023 Met Gala

A Nigerian journalist, Kachi Offiah, chastised Nigerian Grammy-winning singer Burna Boy for “snubbing” her at the 2023 Met Gala in New York and recalling that Burna Boy made her debut at the world’s most glamorous and prestigious fashion event, the Met Gala, on May 1, 2023. Offiah said she was the only Nigerian journalist at the event, but the singer snubbed her when she tried to get an interview from the Nigerian superstar.

She recently revealed this on the music show Arise 360. In the viral clip, Burna is seen with British-Nigerian rapper Skepta as the two walk the flooded red carpet at the Met Gala and give interviews. At the turn of the Arise TV group, a white man and woman approach them (Burna and Skepta) to request them to head inside. However, the Arise TV reporter persisted, asking only one question. Finally, Burna turned around and begged that he had to enter now.

Burna Boy smiled at her in the short video when she asked to interview him. Then, Burna Boy said, “Honestly, I have got to go.” After the singer left, the reporter said to the camera: “Guys, we got to remember this one, Burna Boy really snubbed Nigeria like don’t forget that.”

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