Burna Boy Speaks Out After Disrespecting Concertgoers

Burna Boy, an Afrobeat sensation and multiple award-winning musician, has apologized to his fans for being late for his Lagos gig on Monday morning. At the event, which had the theme “Love Damini Concert,” Burna Boy criticized the organizers on stage for his late performance. Fans have rushed to social media to express their resentment about his delay to the event, claiming his hatred and disdain for them.

The Grammy-winning musician responded to the outburst by posting, “Lagos, I love you, but I can’t do this again. The organisational structure and infrastructure are not there for the complexities of my audio and production needs.”

In the official statement, Burna went on to pride himself and his band as highly professional and not the type of musicians that would show up hours late to an already planned event. The singer said he had three options: “wait for the audio to be fixed and delay the show, come out at 11 pm as planned with no sound, or call a breach of contract and pull the plug.”

Burna Boy stated that he is collaborating with various investors and stakeholders to prevent future events since he wants to keep providing his fans with top-notch shows.

Burna Boy Speaks Out After Disrespecting Concertgoers, Yours Truly, News, March 2, 2024

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