Burna Boy’s Famous Dance Move Added to Fortnite as an Emote

Damini OGulu, better known as Burna Boy, a Grammy-winning Nigerian artist, has made his mark in online gaming. The popular online game Fortnite has introduced his renowned Afro-Moonwalk dance as an emote, allowing users to do the Michael Jackson-inspired dance in-game.

Fortnite, a multiplayer online action game, was published in 2017 and has three separate game modes, one of which pits 100 players against each other to see who can be the last one standing. A recent update to the game included the addition of Burna Boy’s Afro-Moonwalk dance as an emote.

An emote is a brief action that needs the player character to move to act it out, and in this case, it allows players to replicate the Afrobeats Superstar’s legendary dance movements.

This achievement adds to Burna Boy’s expanding list of achievements, firmly establishing him as one of Nigeria’s most gifted and varied artists. He has captivated the attention of fans worldwide with his distinct sound and style, and his inclusion in the popular video game only widens his reach and influence.

Fans of Burna Boy and Fortnite are ecstatic about this latest development, which is guaranteed to add a new dimension of fun and excitement to the gaming experience. Players may now groove to the music while trying to be the last one standing, thanks to the inclusion of Burna Boy’s Afro-Moonwalk dance.

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