Burna Fire!: NBA Star, James Harden Sings Burna Boy’s “Last Last”

The latest video of James Harden, a basketball superstar from the United States, resonating soulfully to the song “Last Last” by Burna Boy went viral online. Not many people know The Philadelphia 76ers’ fondness for Afrobeat music. However, this video hints at Burna Boy’s music’s impact on the global music scene, particularly in America.
Following practice, the video shows Harden going through the team’s home court’s underground passageway. He admires the Nigerian superstar because he sings along to the beat. The music’s ability to cross linguistic and cultural barriers is demonstrated in the clip, as well as how far-reaching Afrobeat is.

One of Burna Boy’s most well-known songs, “Last Last,” has over 31 million YouTube views and is frequently played worldwide. The energizing beat and the singer’s melodic vocals are to thank for the song’s success. Its main lesson of not burdening others and moving on despite situational inadequacy enhances its beauty.

In 2018, Burna Boy started dating British rapper Stefflon Don. In 2022, they officially split up, and as many would love to believe, It prompted Burna to write the lyrics to the song that was included in President Obama’s End-Of-The-Year Playlist. “Love, Damini,” Burna Boy’s sixth studio album, was released on July 8, 2022. However, the singles “Kilometre” and “Last Last” came before it was released.

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